Are you ready to record?

Read these tips to make sure you get the most out of your recording session.

  • Be on time. Check your GPS for traffic problems before you leave.

  • If you are recording over an instrumental track, have the file downloaded and saved to somewhere which is easily shareable. Also, try to identify the key of the song and Beats-Per-Minute.

  • Bring just essential people to the session. Guests may distract you and make unwanted noise.

  • Listen to the music at a moderate level to avoid ear fatigue.

  • Have all lyrics memorized so you don’t have to read them.
  • Bring water to stay hydrated.

  • By the time you’re ready for the studio, you should be able to perform the parts in your sleep. There should be nothing that challenges the limits of your performing ability. If there is, then the parts are too difficult. Consider simplifying them for the recording.

  • Practice with a metronome to improve your timing. Note the Beats-Per-Minute of the song.

  • Get enough rest the day before and rest your ears as well.

  • Record yourself (even if it is just on your phone voice memo) and listen to the performance for changes you’d like to make.

  • Put new strings and drum heads on a few days before the session so they will stay in tune. Bring extras.

  • Bring a tuner. Tune often.

  • Get the best tone possible while tracking, if it sounds great during tracking, it will in sound even better in the mixing stage.

  • Unless it’s a tone effect, like distortion or equalization, plan on adding most effects during mixing. Turn reverb and delays off.

If your ready, give us a call.